The Universal Power of Tablet PCs

While researching mobile strategy I came to realize the universal power of Tablet PCs. No other device can access both old and new web sites and run apps, with a screen size that accommodates complex interactions. Smartphones provide all the same access but fail when a larger screen is really needed. In the form-factor tug-of-war the Tablet PC fits all of your needs except the “fits in your pocket test”.

The Tablet PC

  • Can view both mobile and web properties: websites, mobile websites, and apps.
  • Has a screen large enough for complex, multi-page transactions.
  • Can have both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.
  • Has a modern browser that can take advantage of responsive designed web sites.
Tablet PCs Span both Mobile Web and Apps

Tablet PCs have the widest range of mobile and traditional web access.


Decision Criteria for Mobile Development

Companies founded in the mobile age have an advantage. They’ve incorporated mobile from the start. Many companies are now working to incorporate mobile access into web applications and overall business strategy. Mobile can be a difference-maker and a budget-breaker. This post looks at two currently popular techniques to incorporate mobile access into websites and e-commerce: Responsive Web Design and Mobile App Development. Continue reading

Bloomberg TV Interviews Expedia CEO – Mobile Bookings at 20%

Interesting interview on Bloomberg TV with Expedia CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. Mobile now over 20% of Expedia bookings. Mobile buy is “very much last-minute”/at point-of-need pattern. Expedia runs a multi-platform operation using responsive design techniques to adapt to PC/Tablet/Smart-Phone, requiring more “investment and design work” to achieve. iOS is dominant for Expedia mobile access in US; Android dominant in Europe and gaining in US. An Expedia app is available for both Android and iOS. Expedia App.
[6:30] Bloomberg TV Interview