Reid’s Laws of Project Management

40 Years of Project Learning

Reid’s Law #1 – Never Outsource Strategy.

Law #2 – The Law of Project Persistency: A project will persist as long as there is corporate will for the project.

Law #3 – Innovation is inversely related to outsourcing.

Law #4 – Requirements Documents are DOA.

Law #5 – Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean you should.

Law #6 – Everyone is a designer, especially in a design review meeting.

Law #7 – One good programmer will accomplish more than 10 mediocre programmers.

Law #8 – PM-101: Timeliness, Quality, Cost is all that you can control.

Law #9 – Projects exist for 3 reasons: ROI, Regulatory Compliance, Political Will.

Law #10 – Project Priorities: Strategy First, Client needs second, Solutions third.