Startup Checklist

There is a lot information available about how to setup and run a small business. Here are a few resource links that float to the top. These are aimed at setting up shop from an operational perspective.

The following list provides money-saving ideas and resources for operating a small business or website startup. Please feel free to suggest ideas that have worked for you in the comments section.

Free Phone Number: Google Voice
Email: Google Gmail
Hosting:,, too many to list…
Blog: WordPress, Blogger
Productivity: DropBox
Communication: iStockPhoto
Self-ed: W3Schools
Social: LinkedIn
SEO: Google Web Analytics
SEO: Google Webmaster Tools
Productivity: EverNote
Communication: SlideShare
Shameless self-Promotion: SortFolio
Productivity: Dragon Naturally Speaking
Tech: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Tech: Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
Productivity: Google Docs
PDF Printer: PrimoPDF Continue reading