Startup Checklist

There is a lot information available about how to setup and run a small business. Here are a few resource links that float to the top. These are aimed at setting up shop from an operational perspective.

The following list provides money-saving ideas and resources for operating a small business or website startup. Please feel free to suggest ideas that have worked for you in the comments section.

Free Phone Number: Google Voice
Email: Google Gmail
Hosting:,, too many to list…
Blog: WordPress, Blogger
Productivity: DropBox
Communication: iStockPhoto
Self-ed: W3Schools
Social: LinkedIn
SEO: Google Web Analytics
SEO: Google Webmaster Tools
Productivity: EverNote
Communication: SlideShare
Shameless self-Promotion: SortFolio
Productivity: Dragon Naturally Speaking
Tech: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Tech: Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
Productivity: Google Docs
PDF Printer: PrimoPDF
Wireframe & Prototyping: Balsamic, FlairBuilder
Productivity: WuFoo Online Forms
Tech: Microsoft Visual Studio Express Web
Tech: Microsoft WebMatrix
Event Management: EventBrite,
Tech: jQuery
FTP: Filezilla
Communication: QRcode
Video: YouTube, Vimeo
Self-ed: KahnAcademy
Website Monitoring:
Online Store:
Startup Biz Directory:
Inspiration: Tim Ferriss
Inspiration: Derek Sivers
Inspiration: Paul Boag
Inspiration: Paul Graham
Inspiration: Website Magazine
Inspiration: Inc. Magazine
Inspiration: Wired Magazine
Websites and Hosting: DropPages, MoonFruit, too many to list…
Tech: StackExchange

This information is not meant to be an all-inclusive list or prescriptive method for starting a business. This information is presented on an as-is unwarranted basis. No warranties, claims, or advertisements are made or implied for any companies, websites, vendors, and services listed herein. This list may be updated or deleted at any time without prior notice.