Accessorize Your Last New PC

As people move to tablet PCs and phones as their primary device, buying a PC or Laptop is going to become a more rare event. However, if you recently bought a new PC or Laptop, here are a few essentials you may want to add:

  • #1 and immediately, buy Anti-Virus protection and enable it right away.
  • A Microfiber Towel – use it as a screen cleaner and also to wrap around chargers and accessories in the backpack.
  • For Laptops and Tablet PCs, I recommend a protective carrying case.
  • A surge protector, for at home use and/or charging.
  • A portable backup drive or cloud backup plan.
  • I always keep a few small USB drives on hand to transfer files from old machines to new or to have a temp backup copy.

Sometimes, I become brand loyal simply to share power chargers between an old and new laptop. That’s probably not a good/main reason to stick with the same brand.

How about you? What is the #1 thing you add on when you’ve purchased a new computing device? Please share your advice in the comments section.