Selecting a CMS

If you’re considering a Content Management System (CMS) or replacing an existing CMS there are 3 questions that can quickly narrow CMS choices for you.

Is your CMS system requirement for …

  1. … Open Source or .Net?
  2. … Cloud hosting or local hosting?
  3. … A website totally managed via CMS or content incorporated into an existing site (content widgets)?

An evaluation based on this criteria will quickly yield a list of CMS that meet your high-level criteria. With over 1,000 CMS available to choose from, a first cut like this can reduce your search time and optimize the vendor evaluation process.

For larger client installations, there is also a consideration for collateral content, such as campaign emails and newsletters. Most clients, however, are looking for a web CMS rather than an enterprise CMS.

The decision tree criteria above, although a short list, is derived from over 9 years of working with and evaluating CMS. Maybe that’s why it’s a short list.

I hope this helps your CMS decision.